28 Jul. 20

7 Benefits of Installing a Furnace System in Your Toronto Home

Considering that you live in the city, it’s hard to deny that Toronto can get really cold sometimes. It might not be all year round. However, during the winter, temperatures often drop to teeth-chattering levels. Times like those are the ones that teach the benefits of installing a furnace in your home.

Strangely, though, not a lot of people get that main idea. For some, if with a winter jacket or a dusty fireplace, they are fine. But, with temperatures consistently going below absolute zero each year, nothing could be more wrong. 

As such, we’ll be sharing seven different benefits of installing a furnace system in your Toronto home. So, you might want to take a seat and read up. Things are heating up in here.

What is a Furnace System?

A furnace system is one of several kinds of heating systems installed in residential buildings. Its essential function is to blow air that’s already been heated into various parts of your home through air ducts. 

There are different sources of power/fuel for a furnace system ranging from electricity to natural gas, among others. However, regardless of where their power comes from, their end goals are all the same.

More often than not, furnace systems are confused with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. But, they’re not quite the same. 

For starters, an HVAC system is a pretty complex system that does everything its abbreviation stands for. On the other hand, a furnace system regulates the temperature of your home by increasing or reducing heat as the thermostat dictates. 

While they’re distinct in this way, you should know furnace systems can as well be components of HVAC systems.

What Are The Different Types of Furnace Systems?

There are four different types of furnace systems in the world today. Each type is classified solely by its source of power. Also, they have varying levels of efficiency and popularity among their users. They are:

Natural Gas Furnace

The thought of firing up your furnace system with your toots’ power is a bit fun to play with. After all, what’s more natural than that kind of gas? Unfortunately, that’s not quite how this furnace system (or any other system, really) functions.

Natural gases are fuel sources that are particularly abundant in hydrocarbons. Their main component is methane, and they are used to power up different appliances, including furnaces. 

So, a natural gas furnace is one that is powered by natural gas. They are incredibly cost-effective, and if you get the right one, very efficient. 

Electric Furnace

This part is rather self-explanatory. Rather than relying on the powers of mother-nature, this type of furnace draws its strength from electricity. They are generally very cheap, and they don’t come along with a lot of furnace installation costs. 

But, like virtually every other electrical appliance, they can have quite an effect on your power bills. Nevertheless, though, their ability to last up to two decades is still pretty admirable.

Oil Furnace

This kind of furnace uses fuel oil to warm up your house. They offer a slight reduction in efficiency. But, when you consider how inexpensive they can be, you might want to overlook that particular trait.

Propane Furnace

Propane is alternately referred to as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It is a gas that is compressed and stored in tanks as a source of fuel. 

Much like natural gas, propane has a rather wide number of applications from residential to commercial buildings. One such application is as the primary source of power for propane furnaces.

Benefits of Installing a Furnace System in Your Toronto Home

There are various advantages of installing a furnace in your house. But, you probably won’t sit around reading all of them. So, we’ll be giving you seven of the most important benefits. They are:

Quick Comfort

As we implied earlier in our definition, there are different kinds of heating systems. One such heating system is the boiler. This system functions by heating up a full tank of water until it turns into steam. 

Afterward, the steam moves through a pipe until it reaches the radiator/convector. It is only when this process is complete that you can get the comfort you need.

Now, you might not know how long this is, but imagine getting back to your home on a particularly chilly day. Your jacket didn’t do much to protect you, and you just need to be able to feel your fingers again. If you were to use a boiler, you wouldn’t be able to ignore the waiting period when you’re close to freezing.

However, with a furnace system, you can quickly get the comfort you want because it doesn’t need to sit around boiling water first. In just a few minutes, the house will become noticeably cozy.

Increased Home Value

Several things increase the value of your home. Useful technology, among others, go a really long distance in this regard. Of course, cute dogs can make your home absolutely priceless, too. But, not many home-seekers will buy your house just because of that adorable little golden retriever you’ve got.

Nevertheless, one of the benefits of installing a furnace system in your home is that it increases your price. So, if you’re planning to sell your house later on, now might be a good time to start thinking of furnace installation services

Even if you’re merely considering an AirBnB sort of arrangement, a furnace installation still gives you an edge over the competition. Maybe not as much as that guy with the pool down the street, but, it’s still a major upgrade.

Economic and Effective

Furnace installation in Toronto does many things for you. But, not all these things compare to the effectiveness and cost-efficiency it brings to the table. This is particularly so if you choose the right kind furnace system. How? Well, let’s explain.

Take a heat pump, for example. This method of keeping your home warm works by transferring heat from one place to another. A split heat pump will gather up hot air from the outside and send it into your home. When you want things a little cooler, it will do the inverse. 

However, what happens when temperatures get as low as -20 degrees in Toronto? What heat is there to be transferred into the house? In a situation like that, the only real solution is a furnace system. It generates its own heat, and, in relation to its cost, you get quite a lot of comfort.

4. Energy-Saving

This is one more benefit of installing a furnace system. However, it is largely dependent on which type of furnace system you get. If you install an efficient furnace system in your home, the machine will be able to do more in less time with minimal resources. What that means is that you wouldn’t need so much power to get your system running. As such, you’ll be able to save energy. 

This is a particularly great thing when compared to some other heating systems that may leave a hole in your wallet after paying your power bill.

Improved Air Quality

Usually, when you get a furnace system, it comes along with humidification as well. This helps it to add bits of moisture to the air in your home. It might not vanquish all the germs in your home. 

But, it will make the air a lot less dry. This, in turn, can help to relieve any symptoms of asthma you might have. Alongside that, you’ll be less prone to allergies, sore throats, and dry skin.

Increased Productivity

If there’s anything that coronavirus has made clear, it’s that the business world is gonna go through a few changes. For starters, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. 

More and more people are staying at home to complete tasks they normally do at the office. The chances are that you are one of those people. 

However, you have to agree with us that if your home is not comfortable, your productivity will fall. If you doubt the importance of good weather in your house, try writing a report after soaking your hands in ice for three hours. 

But, one of the benefits of installing a furnace system is that it keeps your work area conducive. In turn, your productivity increases.


The last on our list is perhaps the most important. Every year, homes are gutted by fires. These fires can be caused by a number of things, including heating systems. 

However, compared to other heating systems, furnaces are pretty safe. In fact, many of them come with safety switches to prevent fire outbreaks.

In Conclusion

There’s only so much talking we can do before your eyes become cloudy from all that screen time. But, by now, you must understand the benefits of installing a furnace system in your home.

Here at Heating and Cooling, we can help you set up the perfect furnace system for your Toronto home. With our experience and expertise, you can expect top-notch service every time. Contact us today to get started!