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Is your AC & Furnace System not working as well as it used to? If you notice changes in the way your system is heating or cooling your home, Heating & Cooling can help get to the root of the problem before you have a costly breakdown. Call 647-725-3125 for a professional assessment.

Emergency Heating and Cooling Repair

There are few things worse than having your home at the mercy of the extreme heat or cold outside. If your HVAC system is experiencing issues, Heating & Cooling is here to help address your repair issues 24/7, 365 days a year! For professional help that works around your schedule, contact us today at 647-725-3125.

So, don’t suffer in the heat any longer. Let our technicians help you to pick out the best type of AC for you, install it the right way, and keep it in peak condition for the long run.

Affordable Maintenance and Repair Options

Heating & Cooling is committed to offering our clients HVAC services that fit with your schedule and budget. We offer financing and protection plans to help minimize the costs of maintenance and avoid large upfront sums without reducing the quality of service or equipment. When you choose Heating & Cooling for repairs and maintenance, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Access to discounts and financing options
  • Annual maintenance from our licensed technicians
  • 24/7 Customer service and support
  • Transparent pricing and detailed costs
  • Exclusive benefits just for our clients!

Popular for a reason, central air conditioners efficiently cool larger homes. These units use an indoor and outdoor compressors along with refrigerant to lower air temperature before pushing it through ducts in each room.

Split your home into zones to keep each room at the temperature you want. Ductless systems allow you to choose which areas are cooled for optimal control.

With heat pumps, these units can either pull in or push out warm air as needed. Our Geothermal models are especially durable and efficient at distributing heat.

Window ACs have been around a long time, but they’ve seen plenty of improvements! With ‘s window AC units you can count on them to efficiently cool individual rooms and small spaces. They are ideal for guest rooms, offices and more.

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    AC & Furnace System Repairs and Emergency Services

    Heating & Cooling offers both repair appointments and emergency services to suit your schedule and budget. When you choose Heating & Cooling, we’ll work with you to provide the best possible solutions to meet your needs. We provide detailed pricing lists and approve costs with you before the work is done so you never face unfavorable surprises at the end of your repairs.

    For appointment scheduling and emergency repairs, call us at 647-725-3125.

    Warning Signs of an HVAC System Breakdown

    Is your HVAC system trying to tell you something? Even an HVAC system that is well maintained may experience issues so there are some warning signs that can help you catch problems early and avoid a more expensive breakdown. These signs include:

    • Burning Smell: While a furnace may produce a slight smell when it turns on for the season as it burns off dust in the vents, if this smell is a stronger burning smell that continues, it could be the motor or other electrical component of your system getting ready to burn out.
    • Smell of Mildew: A musty or mildew smell from your system could be a sign of moisture build up in the system or ducts. Along with being an unwanted scent, it can also mean that harmful mold is forming which can affect breathing.
    • Leakage: While your system should drain from the drain line, if there is water coming out anywhere else on your system, this is a sign of a clog or other issue.
    • Cold/Hot Spots: If your system is taking longer to get to the desired temperature and/or you notice that certain rooms of your home are not receiving adequate heating/cooling, this is likely an indication that your system needs repairs or replacement to remedy these inefficiencies.

    Heating and Cooling Company take pride in being a leading contractor in cooling systems installation, repair, and maintenance in Toronto, and we have a long list of clients that have entrusted us to provide the air conditioning solutions they need to keep cool and comfortable.

    Furnace Repair

    Although furnaces are intricate systems that are designed to work for years, breakdowns happen, and sooner or later, you’ll require a furnace repair service. Winters in Toronto are usually harsh, and that means your heating system needs to be working. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and your family in danger. Your home could also suffer damage, such as frozen and burst pipes.

    So, if all you’re getting from your unit is cold air, or you’re not getting anything at all, it’s time to call the furnace repair Toronto professionals. At Heating and Cooling Company, we know all the downsides of a cold house in the winter, and that’s why you can always count on us to help. We have more than enough expertise and experience to determine if your unit needs basic maintenance, component repair or a whole overhaul, and we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies.

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