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Thankfully, Heating and Cooling Company is the answer to all your heating needs, be they a new installation, emergency furnace repair service, a routine maintenance plan, or perhaps just some professional insight into how furnaces work and what they need to keep giving you reliable service.

How Often Should I Get Furnace Maintenance?

While we recommend an annual furnace tune-up, it’s ideal to have your furnace checked twice a year: once in the spring and again in the fall. Because your furnace is an important part of both your heating and cooling system, a bi-annual check helps get your system ready for both the hot and cold parts of the year.

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    How Often Should I Change my Furnace Filter?

    The frequency at which you change your furnace filter will depend on several factors, including the size of the filter, whether or not you have pets, if you are a smoker and the amount of other dust and contaminants in the home. However, most homes will need to replace the filter around every 3 months though some systems will benefit from a monthly filter change and others can go up to 12 months. Washable filters should be washed every month.

    Importance of Changing Furnace Filters: Changing your furnace filters regularly will not only help to keep your air quality better but also help your furnace run more efficiently and reduce the chances of overheating.

    For an accurate filter changing schedule, call our Heating & Cooling experts and we can help assess your system for optimal filtration options.  Call 647-725-3125.

    Heating and Cooling Company is the contractor of choice of many residents in Toronto when it comes to furnace repair, installation and maintenance services. Reach out to us. We would love to hear about your heating needs and tell you how we can help to make your home warm and comfortable for the winter.

    Should I Get a Furnace or Boiler?

    A furnace and boiler are both ways to heat your home, but a furnace works by heating air then pushing that air through vents in your home, while a boiler heats water which travels through pipes to heat the home. Whether a boiler or furnace will work better for your home will depend on several factors, so consider these facts:

    • Boilers tend to be more energy efficient and offer more consistent heat but take longer to react to thermostat settings.
    • Furnaces react more quickly to thermostat settings but are less energy efficient.
    • Boilers cost more both to install and to uninstall.
    • Furnaces are cheaper but require more maintenance since they employ filters which need to be changed regularly.

    How Do I get Furnace Rebates?

    Because new HVAC systems offer much in the way of energy efficiency and environmental benefits, there are a variety of rebates and incentives available to homeowners who install a new unit. At Heating & Cooling, we can help you navigate the rebate process and ensure you have all proper paperwork filed to get you the maximum rewards for your new system. To learn more, call us at 647-725-3125.

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