FURNACES Installation, Repair & Maintenance

During those cold winters in Toronto, the comfort of your home depends almost exclusively on the home heating system you have. When heating equipment is not installed or maintained correctly, it can weigh down on your budget through expensive repairs and high energy costs. Even worse is that a malfunctioning furnace can compromise your health and that of your family, or you could be left with a major plumbing problem when your water pipes freeze up and burst.

Thankfully, Heating and Cooling Company is the answer to all your heating needs, be they a new installation, emergency furnace repair service, a routine maintenance plan, or perhaps just some professional insight into how furnaces work and what they need to keep giving you reliable service.

How Does A Furnace Work?

Furnaces work by channeling heated air through ducts around your home. The outlets of these ducts are registers or grills situated in different rooms of the house. Furnaces can run on oil, gas or electricity. In Toronto, gas and electricity are the most common energy sources, while oil is much less popular. All furnaces work on the principle of “forced air heating” regardless of the fuel they use.

Inside a gas or oil furnace, the fuel mixes with air, a pilot light ignites it, and the flames heat a metal heat exchanger. The exchanger transfers the heat to the air around it, and furnace fans, or “air handlers” push the warm air through the ductwork of the house. For electric furnaces, an electrical switch starts the process instead of a pilot light.

The ignition activates heating elements, and when current passes through the conducting coils, they start heating the air for the fans to handle. In both of these types of furnaces, the temperature is controlled by a thermostat, which regulates the amount of air that goes into the fuel chamber in a gas or oil furnace, or the current that passes through the coils in an electric system.

Although this operation sounds simple, furnaces contain numerous components that work together to keep the heat exchange and distribution running smoothly and safely. When mishandled, gas furnaces can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, while electric units may induce high-voltage shocks. So, unless you have extensive HVAC training and the right tools, never attempt to diagnose or fix a malfunctioning furnace by yourself. Instead, reach out to Heating and Cooling Company, and our experts will promptly come to your aid.

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    Furnace Installation in Toronto

    If your furnace has served you for at least 15 years and it’s not the efficient system it was when you bought it, it could be time to replace it. The furnaces on the current market are more cost-effective than ever, and that means replacinageingr aging system with a newer, better model can be more reasonable than spending your money on recurring repairs. Heating and Cooling Company is your trusted contractor for all things furnaces, including installation services. If you’re interested in buying a new system, give us a call, and we will work with you to land on the best option. Our qualified technicians will visit your home to discuss your current furnace, preferences, and concerns. If they deduce that a new installation is the best way to go, they will then proceed to take accurate measurements of your spaces to precisely calculate what you need. Remember, if your furnace is too small for your house, it won’t keep it warm enough during the winter. And if it’s too large, the thermostat will turn it on and off more frequently, wasting energy and wearing out the components. Your Heating and Cooling Company furnace technician will give you a range of good, better and best choices for you based on your budget and your unique comfort needs. Once you decide, we can install your system the same day to make sure the night doesn’t get you in the cold.

    Heating and Cooling Company is the contractor of choice of many residents in Toronto when it comes to furnace repair, installation and maintenance services. Reach out to us. We would love to hear about your heating needs and tell you how we can help to make your home warm and comfortable for the winter.

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    Furnace Repair Toronto

    Although furnaces are intricate systems that are designed to work for years, breakdowns happen, and sooner or later, you’ll require a furnace repair service. Winters in Toronto are usually harsh, and that means your heating system needs to be working. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and your family in danger. Your home could also suffer damage, such as frozen and burst pipes. So, if all you’re getting from your unit is cold air, or you’re not getting anything at all, it’s time to call the furnace repair Toronto professionals. At Heating and Cooling Company, we know all the downsides of a cold house in the winter, and that’s why you can always count on us to help. We have more than enough expertise and experience to determine if your unit needs basic maintenance, component repair or a whole overhaul, and we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies.

    Furnace Maintenance in Toronto

    Daily use gradually takes its toll on all equipment, including furnaces. It’s therefore smart to arrange routine maintenance, especially in the months leading into winter. Regular maintenance will keep your unit in top-notch condition for longer, reducing the risk of expensive repairs and minimizing your heating costs. In addition to furnace repair services, Heating and Cooling Company can also provide the regular maintenance your system needs to keep running robustly and efficiently for as long as possible. Give us a call, and we will work with you to determine the best plan for your home, based on your budget and the size, age and model of your furnace. Regardless of your plan, however, you can expect nothing short of high-standard service from our trained and certified specialists. We also give full response priority to all our maintenance plan clients, so your calls will be instantly bumped to the top of our to-do list.

    Our years of experience with furnaces means we know your unit and the tune-up services it needs already. So, give us a call and let’s get your maintenance plan underway.


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