Furnace maintanance

15 Mar. 20

How to maintain your furnace

During cold weather, it is very comforting to know that you have a furnace in your home. There are different ways to get hot, but a furnace is by far the most efficient. 

Over time, we have noticed that most furnace owners in Regina complain about the expenses of their heating system. Sometimes, heating and energy expenses can account for up to 45% of your energy bills. 

Are you wondering how to reduce your heating bills? The answer is simple. You need to maintain your furnace adequately. Furnace experts in Regina say that proper furnace maintenance culture reduces energy expenses on heating. 

If you own a central heating system, it’s compulsory to know how it is maintained to keep its productivity. This article contains important furnace maintenance tips. These tips will help you make sure that your furnace is in top shape come the long winter months. 

Furnace maintenance tips

Are you wondering how to maintain your furnace and heating systems? The tips below will show you how to. What’s more? They are recommended by heating experts who are the top of their business. 

Filter cleaning or replacement

Furnace maintenance experts in Saskatchewan, Canada are particular about the importance of cleaning and replacing your filter. The filter in your furnace serves a crucial purpose in the process of delivering warm air throughout the rooms in your home.

Particulates are removed from the air by the filter. This filtering process occurs before the air moves into the furnace and is heated. A furnace filter removes particles such as dust, pollen grains, bacteria, spores, and more.

Inexpensive filters are designed to catch a high percentage of the particulates that flow through your home. Expensive air filters offer improved air quality, which can help individuals who may suffer from allergies or asthma.

If airflow is delayed by a dirty filter, your furnace will have inadequate airflow and won’t operate as efficiently as it was designed to. Inexpensive air filters should be changed after 60 days. More expensive disposable pleated air filters may last three months or longer depending on the quality of your furnace. Contact one of our certified technicians for more information.

Clean vents and ductwork

As with all systems, the entire heating and cooling system needs to be cleaned and regularly maintained to ensure it’s in good operating condition. Your ductwork is not left out. Always make sure all vents are accessible. 

The floors and walls of your vent should be free of debris, pet hair, dust and scraps of paper. Foreign objects inside your vents can move down into the ductwork and reduce efficiency. Make sure that your ductwork is cleaned regularly, especially if you have made significant renovations to your home.

Reduce home heating load

Weaknesses in the structural shell of your home allow cold winter air to seep in and warm air to leak out. Sealing up your home’s heating envelope reduces heat load, which is the equivalent heat needed to keep your house comfortably warm. 

To identify significant sources of heating loss within your home, HVAC experts in Saskatchewan can provide a home energy audit to determine where your home’s heating weaknesses exist.

Using specialized equipment and infrared cameras, a furnace expert can determine where your home has the biggest problems. This will help you determine the best places to make improvements.

Practices like weather stripping windows and doors, sealing and insulating ductwork, or adding insulation to the attic will lighten the load on your furnace. 

Always check your blower motor

The blower motor drives the fan that provides air movement for your furnace. Its main job is to push air through the heat exchanger. It is in the heat exchanger that air is warmed before it is distributed through your home. 

Your blower motor has a lot of working parts which, if not well maintained, can cause a breakdown. Issues with your blower motor  are typically announced by a noisy furnace.

This noise can be caused by the blower wheel coming loose from the blower motor’s shaft and scraping the internal housing. A loud humming usually indicates an electrical problem. Our furnace experts in Saskatchewan can help you identify the source and make changes before it begins to affect the equipment as a whole. 

Maintaining your furnace may be a big task if you don’t have the time or requisite technical skills. Thankfully, we have qualified furnace maintenance experts in Saskatchewan to make sure that your heating system is always in top shape. Contact us now!