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Get a reliable, high-quality water heater for your home without large upfront costs with affordable monthly rates from Heating & Cooling!

At Heating and Cooling Company, we work with a long list of homeowners in the GTA to keep their water heaters running safely and efficiently. We deal with both tankless and traditional systems, and we are adequately familiar with all the brands and models available, old and new. We’re committed to providing dependable and high-standard water heater installation, repair, maintenance and renting services to our customers. With our line of modern and high-efficient water heaters, advanced equipment, qualified and experienced technicians, and commitment to quality,  we will make sure your water is consistently hot whenever you need it.

Water Heater Rental for Hassle-Free Hot Water

Water heater rental offers a wide range of advantages over purchasing, especially when it comes to maintenance and upfront costs. While owning a water heater may make sense in some situations, rental is a better option for many. When choosing water heater rental, keep these advantages in mind:

  • Charges for repairs built into your monthly fee
  • No additional charges for regular maintenance
  • No installation fees
  • No upfront costs
  • Maintenance and repairs performed by our certified technicians
  • 24/7 customer support and emergency services

Traditional storage tank systems are the most common types of water heaters in Toronto. As the name suggests, they consist of a large tank that heats and stores water. A temperature-and-pressure relief valve controls the temperature and pressure in the tank. Storage tank heaters can run on either natural gas or electricity. Gas-fueled water heaters are usually more efficient but more expensive than electric heaters.

Because the water is always hot, storage tank systems are ideal if you want a steady and uninterrupted supply. When your gas or electricity goes out or the heater malfunctions, you will still have enough hot water to use before your trusted Heating and Cooling Company technician comes to rectify the situation. On the other hand, a system that keeps all the water in the tank consistently hot, even when you’re not using it, can be significantly less cost-effective than one that only heats water on demand.

Rather than storing water, tankless systems apply flashes of heat onto water-filled coils to heat the water when you need it. Although their initial cost can be higher, they’re more efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. A tankless water heater is the best choice if you have a large home with ample hot water demands because it would be highly impractical to keep all the hot water your family needs in a storage tank. Like tanked systems, tankless units can run on gas or electricity

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    Easy Budgeting for Water Heater Rental

    Water heater rental is the best way to ensure you do not experience high, unexpected costs due to a leaking or malfunctioning heater. While water heaters tend to require little maintenance, emergencies and other factors can result in the need for immediate repairs or replacements. When you own a water heater, typically, the costs of this will fall to the homeowner. But, with water heater rental, you can get your water heater up and running again quickly without additional costs.

    Finding the Right Water Heater Rental for Your Home

    Rental also allows you to find the best water heater options for your household. Tankless water heaters often make sense for many homes, but they are more expensive when purchased outright and you may even need more than one if you have a larger home or plan to use it for multiple activities at one time.

    With rental, you will be able to choose the best one for your household with less concern for price and maintenance considerations. Because maintenance, installation and repair are included, rental often opens up the possibility of a higher-grade water heater without incurring higher costs for many households.

    At Heating and Cooling Company, we provide a comprehensive range of water heater services, from installation, repair, and maintenance to rentals in the Toronto areas. Call us today, and we will be more than happy to fulfill your water heating needs.

    Water Heater Repair

    Nobody spends any time thinking about the hot water supply in their home until they notice there’s none. So, although you may get the luxury of not worrying about your hot water for a while after you buy a good quality product, issues will arise sooner or later, and that is when you’ll need to call a professional.

    As professional hydronic experts, Heating and Cooling Company personnel are well-versed in hot water repair services. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, with years of experience in the industry, and we guarantee full customer satisfaction by using a comprehensive and meticulous approach when diagnosing water heater problems and implementing the needed repairs. Our company keeps up with technological advancements, and that endows our technicians with the know-how required to repair both old and new heaters. Moreover, we practice exceptional standards of business integrity and honesty, so you can be sure you’re getting the right quote of all repair costs upfront.

    Water heaters often fail unexpectedly due to reasons like a blown thermostat, electrical wiring malfunctions or cracks and leaks. The good news, however, is that you can count on Heating and Cooling Company to promptly come to your aid, day or night, and rectify the issue before it becomes a more significant and costlier problem.

    Choosing Your Rental Water Heater

    Unsure of the kind of water heater that makes sense for your home? Tankless water heaters are a growing trend for homes and offer a host of advantages including an unlimited supply of hot water plus increased efficiency. However, tank water heaters can occasionally be more convenient as they have a ready store of hot water ready to go.

    The experts at Heating & Cooling will assess your water needs and home to recommend the optimal water heater for your household.  Your consultation with our experts will take into account your water usage, number of household members and other factors that will help choose a water heater that will be able to provide the hot water you need at the most affordable and efficient rate.

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