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The Ultimate Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

With the advent of air conditioning, life has gotten a lot better and more comfortable. It has radically changed the way we live. The ease from air conditioning is more enjoyable during summer. Summertime used to be hot and very uncomfortable before air conditioning came around. However, since its advent, it has become the most welcome and pleasant time of the year in Toronto.

There is a constant evolution in technology, and appliances are being innovated and developed to become more efficient and effective. The air conditioning system is not left out in this development. Over the years, the tech behind air conditioning has been subject to various innovative ideas, which has enhanced its adoption over the world. 

However, maintaining your air conditioning system might be somewhat of an uphill task if you don’t know what to do, or how to go about ensuring its continuous functionality. Air conditioner maintenance in Canada can easily be done with the help of a technician. However, there is a need for you as an owner to have in-depth knowledge of potential air conditioner problems. You need to know the best practices that are essential for the sustenance of the proper functioning of your air conditioner. 

The need for proper air conditioning maintenance cannot be overemphasized. In Toronto, air conditioners do an excellent job of keeping your homes, offices, and other industrial spaces cozy and very comfortable to live in. This excellent feat can be achieved with a minimal amount of energy. This is all thanks to continual development and innovative technology advancements. 

Various maintenance and repair activities are needed to be performed on your air conditioning systems from time to time. These maintenance activities help you keep your air conditioner in optimum condition, and help you detect issues in a  timely manner. Maintenance is essential, and having an HVAC maintenance company that you can beckon on, regularly, is also very important to your machine operating at peak efficiency. This article contains information that will help you keep your air-con running at optimum levels.

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Resisting the DIY Solution

When it comes to appliances, there are cases where you can fix-up problems yourself. However, there are cases where you have to learn to refrain from trying to do that. There are some processes that you should leave to the professionals, especially when it comes to installation and maintenance. One such case is the air conditioning of your home. Air conditioner maintenance is not just any technical repair job that can be done without any issues. It’s not a radio that you can pick up and repair on a whim. 

There is a need for professionalism when it comes to handling the tech imbued in today’s air conditioning systems. In the old and out-of-date systems, there is a chance that you can maneuver the basic machine framework. However, these new systems use complicated tech systems in their functionalities, and you would not want to mess with that. These systems are a maze, and without proper maintenance and checkup from an HVAC professional in Toronto, your home may suffer for it 

Whenever you discover a slight problem with your air conditioner, you should make sure to notify a professional servicing company. They will be able to send in professionals to be of help, with the right tools. If you resort to DIY solutions, your air-con may be prone to errors. It’s better to steer clear than having a more significant DIY fix-gone-wrong problems result. 

Additionally, if you are always tempted to flex your DIY abilities with gadgets and tools, you should consider the warranty. When it comes to advanced systems like an air-conditioner, there is a warranty. This warranty, however, has two clauses. The first one requires that for the warranty to remain in effect, there is a need for proper air conditioner maintenance. Secondly, there is the requirement that this regular maintenance must be carried out by a professional that is properly trained in the act and is certified. Hence, if you are not one, it is best to leave the air conditioning system, if you want the warranty to hold firm. 

There is every possibility that you know what might be wrong with your air conditioner. Also, you might save more cost if you DIY, than when you call a maintenance company in. On the other hand, if something goes run, your warranty gets void, and you might incur more cost at the end. This is not worth the risk; it is better to have the professionals do their job.

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How can you help with your AC maintenance?

Yes, you have been told not to tamper with your air conditioner, and that you shouldn’t employ any DIY tricks. However, there is still so much you can do when it comes to maintaining your air-con. One significant way that servicing companies need the help of owners in the maintenance of the device is — information. You can help HVAC experts by giving them an idea of what is wrong with the machine. Below is some information you can relay when you put a call through to a servicing company. 

  • Is the AC unit noisy or squealing? Various factors can cause an air conditioner to be noisy or squealing. It is either there is a problem with the belt or when the ductwork is not sealed properly. You can try to listen well to the various parts of your machine and determine where the noise is coming from. The information about the part where the noise is coming from can be handy with the technicians. With the right information, they would know the gear to pack when coming to service your AC.
  • Is there water on the unit? If you notice that there is water on the unit, it might be as a result of issues with the drainage system. This can result in cases where the drainpipe is clogged. The technicians can fix this right away. 
  • Is the AC not cooling the way it’s supposed to? There are cases where the air conditioner is not as cool as it used to be at a particular level. If you notice this, it might be that there is an issue with the refrigerant. This information is vital for technicians. 

When you put a call through to your Toronto HVAC company, and there are details on what is likely to be the problem, they would be more prepared. They won’t have to go back and forth to get repair and maintenance tools. 


How does your AC work?

Let’s take a closer look at the workings of the air conditioning system. 

Behind the Thermostat

There is every possibility that you are like most owners, or not. For most homeowners, the only time they observe or interact with their air conditioning systems after it has been installed is when they adjust the thermostat. However, there is more to the air conditioner than the thermostat. The thermostat adjusts the air’s coolness to preferred levels. 

There is a process to the production of that dry air that you are so comfortable with. The production of this dry air is dependent on so many factors, and all of these factors have to go right. Whenever the system is turned on, there is an intake of air through the intake vents. This air is then passed to the central air conditioning unit. In this central unit, there is a removal of moisture, and subsequent cooling of the air, before cool hair is passed into your home via the ductwork. 

In the course of having your home air-conditioned, there is also the removal of tiny particles, as well as other organisms known as pathogens. Pathogens are microbial organisms that are capable of causing diseases. 

The filtered air is then passed through the chamber called the blower. From the blower, the air is passed towards the evaporator coils, which have undergone cooling by the refrigerant. When the air passes over the coil, it is cooled, and this cooled air is then returned to the house through the ductwork. 

Once there is a malfunctioning of any part of this system, there is bound to be a failure in the functioning of the air conditioner. Due to this, it is very vital to keep a close watch and ensure that your air conditioner is properly maintained and in perfect condition. This is the best way to make sure your Toronto home is cool all summer. 

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Keep your Toronto home cool: Maintain your Air Con

You really can’t joke with maintenance as an air conditioner owner; it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Whenever you notice a fault or something out of the usual, you need to act immediately. A stitch in time saves nine. Preventing failures in your machine is better than trying to have it repaired. 

It is important that you invest consistently in the maintenance of your air conditioner. This way, you would save yourself money compared to paying for major breakdowns and repairs. If you don’t take the maintenance of your machine seriously, you will need to spend big on the repair. Maintenance is essential.

Your air conditioner is always subjected to a great deal of stress and strains as you leave it working for a long time. In most Toronto homes, air conditioners can work all through the day, especially during the summer.  Multiple factors result in the stress experienced by the machine; vibrations, temperature fluctuations, voltage fluctuations, dirt in the air, humidity, etc. Just as your car breaks down when exposed to all these conditions without maintenance, so also will your air conditioner. Hence, air conditioner maintenance should be a part of your budget.


Air conditioner maintenance in Toronto is cheap

There is every possibility that you may play along with the narrative that the serial costs you incur during maintenance end up totalling the amount you would spend if your machine breaks down. This is not true. If you ignore the minor checks that should have been done on the machine, your air conditioner becomes prone to a total breakdown.

If this happens, that means you need to cough out about CAD 4000 – CAD10000 to foot the installation of a new system. This range of price is dependent on the size and quality of your replacement unit. 

However, with consistent maintenance checks over an extended period, you won’t need to spend up to that amount. By running these little checks and maintenance on your machine (through the help of a professional), you save yourself from incurring any major costs in the future. You also save yourself the time and energy that would be needed in getting it working again after a breakdown. 


What’s involved in annual maintenance check-ups? 

A standard maintenance company will have a detailed examination package for your entire air conditioning system. This package is bound to assure you that the machine would be at optimal functionality for the next year. With this, you can be sure to enjoy the values you desire from your machine, including efficiency, system integrity, safety, and satisfaction. 

By doing these regular checks, minor problems are easily detected and tackled, preventing them from resulting in bigger problems. 

Below is a list of checks that would be performed during annual maintenance checks:

  • Checking of the condition of the air filter, and consideration for replacement
  • Checking the proper functioning of the thermostat
  • Checking the bearings, in case of wear and tear
  • Checking the blower motor to ensure full functionality
  • Testing of the condenser coil
  • Checking the refrigerant levels
  • Confirmation of the proper functioning of the safety devices
  • Inspection of the wiring and tightening of every connection
  • Checking for damage in the fan blades
  • Inspecting the compressor for proper functionality
  • Test and detailed inspection of the capacitors
  • Checking the system for any leakage
  • Checking the ductworks for leaks
  • Checking and review of the blower belt

You should ensure that the HVAC company you contract your AC maintenance tasks to perform all these checks, and further. When these checks are done, you can be assured of proper functionality as though the machine is new. 

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How to pick the right air conditioner service company

Staying cool is very important, and the feeling you get from it is second to none. Installing the right air conditioner is a thing. Being willing to invest in frequent maintenance is another. However, there are some factors you need to consider before you expose your air conditioner to a particular maintenance company. There are various maintenance companies in Toronto, or anywhere else you are in Canada. These factors will guide you in picking the right maintenance company;

Do your research

The internet makes this easy to execute. In the digital world that we are in, you can find out about any company or business right there on your mobile phone. You should go-ahead to research professional maintenance companies that are closer to you. A quick Google search can help you out here.

Tailor down your research to establishments that offer air conditioner maintenance services in Toronto. You should make sure the companies you are looking at are close-by, and can easily get to you when you need them. 


This is another factor you need to consider. You need to find out about the license of the HVAC company. Maintenance companies are handed a permit when they are certified to have requirements and standards according to the province. Be sure of their expertise. 

You will only get the best out of using your air conditioner if it is serviced and checked by experts. If someone not qualified tampers with it, it might result in you buying another, and that is going to be a huge dent on your finances. The license and ratings on the internet will help you determine the best companies that are closer to you. 


You also need to consider your budget when you are trying to hire a maintenance company. You should also check this as you check for other requirements. You wouldn’t want to hire a company that is way off your budget. Check out for quality and affordability. 


The more the experience, the better. You need to look out for when the company started in the maintenance and repair industry. In most cases, companies that have spent several years in the industry have been faced with many real-life situations cases. 

They would also be duly informed on some issues that may be very peculiar to your air conditioner. As they are experienced, they are trained at working hard to ensure that your cooling system is up and properly functional. With experience, companies that have been in the industry long enough are more likely to have more advanced tools needed to tackle any issues with your air conditioners. 



Good air conditioning cannot be overemphasized; you can even call it a lifesaver, especially during hot weather. An air conditioning system also improves the indoor air quality of your home. It removes pollutants and other particles that might be harmful to your body. 

Having your environment cool keeps you at optimal efficiency. Hence you need to invest in the maintenance of your air conditioner. Your aircon maintenance is essential, and we can help you with it. We have the requisite experience, training and recommendations to maintain your air conditioner on a budget. Call us today!

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