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Heating & Cooling helps keep your whole household healthy and hydrated with our water purifier system services including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement options.

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Heating and Cooling Company offers professional water purification services in Toronto and the surrounding areas, and we can provide the quality solutions you need to get a consistently clean and safe supply. Our purifiers range from single-stage units, which improve the look, smell and taste of your water, to sophisticated five-stage systems that provide maximum purification and softening.

Let our competent, qualified and experienced water experts get you the pristine water you deserve.

Water Softening Systems: Hard water, water that has high concentrations of minerals, can have a variety of negative effects including poor taste and scale buildup on shower heads, water heaters and other appliances. Additionally, hard water is unable to adequately remove soap residue on sinks, tubs and even from your hair and skin. A water softener eliminates these excess minerals and will have several benefits, including preventing soap scum build up, reduce the amount of soap you need, and help your appliances and fixtures to look better and last longer.

Water filtration systems work by trapping debris and sediment and removing harmful chemicals and toxins while allowing clean water to pass downwards through a filter. The filter is ideally a porous substance, such as activated carbon, and a filtration system can have several levels of filters to remove as many impurities as possible. In addition to getting rid of unwanted solids, filters also improve the taste and smell of drinking water by neutralizing chemical contaminants.

RO systems are similar to filtration units, but the holes in their filtering membranes are tiny enough to remove even the smallest foreign particles. The reverse osmosis solutions from Heating and Cooling Company implement a four-stage filtration process that removes every contaminant, from sediments and particulates to dissolved substances, chemical elements, and compounds. You can store a unit under your kitchen sink, or set it up to send purified water through to your fridge for crystal-clear ice cubes.

Ion exchangers, also called water softeners, replace undesirable minerals like magnesium and calcium with less unpleasant ones, like sodium. Hardening minerals cause poor lathering in the shower and laundry, scaling on plumbing fixtures, water heaters, dishwashers, and humidifiers, soap scum in sinks and bathtubs, and water spots on silverware, glasses, and dishes. With a water softener from Heating and Cooling Company, you can avoid all the problems that come with hard water.

Chlorine filters are installed on main waterlines to reduce the level of chlorine in the supply. A whole-home de-chlorination system from Heating and Cooling Company can remove the unpleasant chlorine taste and odor from every tap in your house, eliminate the chances of chlorine damage to appliances and fixtures, and alleviate the effects of chlorine on yours and your loved ones’ skin and hair.

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    Types of Water Purifier Systems

    There are several types of water purification systems that can work for your home with each providing specific benefits. Depending on your household’s needs, each of these systems could be right for you, including:

    Reverse Osmosis (RO): Reverse osmosis water purification systems offer a simple and affordable solution for eliminating water impurities. These units can be purchased or rented and be installed directly on a faucet to provide clean, contaminant free water. This eliminates minerals, chemicals and other common materials in water that cause poor taste and other potential health risks.

    Water Filters for Home: Installed at the water source for your home, whole home water filters ensure all water used in your household is clean and crisp tasting. Whole home water systems are especially adept at removing chlorine – which is used in public water supplies to eliminate contaminants. While chlorine is effective at making water safe to drink, it negatively impacts taste and smell. With a whole home system, your water will have a clean taste and no odor.

    Heating and Cooling Company understands water filtration and purification, and we offer a comprehensive range of units that implement the methods above to deliver clean, fresh, soft and safe water. Whatever your needs may be, you can count on us to help you improve the water quality at your home.

    Filters and Replacements

    Heating & Cooling knows how important it is to have fresh, clean and reliable water from your purification system. To ensure our clients always have the best quality water, we provide premium replacement filters and systems.

    Regularly replacing your filter on your purification system ensures that it can do its job, protecting your household from harmful contaminants, chlorine and excess minerals in your water.

    Choosing Your Water System Services

    Not sure which water purification system or services are right for your home? With several options available, it can be difficult to know which will serve your needs best. Heating & Cooling will assess your home and needs to make the best recommendations. We will test your water to see if a water softener is required and consult with you on your water usage to better match you with the right solutions.

    To schedule a consultation with Heating & Cooling, contact us at 647-725-3125. We offer fast, comprehensive installation and service appointments for all your water system needs.

    Water Purification System Maintenance

    Like all equipment, water purifiers need frequent check-ups to continue functioning appropriately for the long run. With proper maintenance, you can keep your purifier working efficiently and reduce the frequency of major repairs. If you have a water purifier, therefore, you’ll benefit immensely from our maintenance services. We’ve worked on a myriad of systems in the Toronto area, and we know precisely what a purifier needs to keep running the right way. Give us a call, and we’ll come to check the condition of your filter or RO membrane, inspect for drips and leakages, clean out accumulated contaminants, and sanitize your tank, all to make sure your purification system gives you the best performance for the longest time possible.

    Heating and Cooling Company has been in business for years, and we have vast experience in water filtration and purification in Toronto. We care about the comfort of your home, and our top priority is to provide you with the cleanest, clearest and best-tasting water all day, every day.

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